Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Angel Meeting

The wings that sit high on your shoulders,
Only seem to grow by the hour.
I’ve dreamed of a place like this,
Travelling my mind,
Through world winds and chaos,
Finding peace only through your voice,
And invisible touch.
I reached out for what was there,
And found something greater in it’s place.
Gone with barely nothing,
To grasp particles filled with empathy.
I clumsily dances around your essence,
And grew from my courage to follow through.
I saw not what was there,
But all that could be present.
And from almost a visible scratch,
We introduced,
What we had already grown attached to,
And couldn’t live without.
Scared, thrilled, exhausted, tormented,
And in love,
I embraced what brought this union together.
And suddenly,
An understanding of the moves I had,
And hadn’t begun to make,
Were evident in their reasoning,
The meaning of the forgotten.
There’s no worry about slipping off the cliff,
The breeze is still there to hold me back,
But now I’ve already taken the leap,
And I’m soaring above the waves.

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