Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Fool

Under the haze of infatuation,
Everything you hate,
Becomes all that you need.

How can it hurt,
When it looks so good.

It’s somewhere between confusing and complicated,
Where I forgot how to crawl,
How to walk, how to turn, and run away.

I struggled to flee in the dark,
But I was smothered by your voice,
The air I couldn’t find to breathe.

You whispered bitter melodies.
Ingesting your words,
My heart dropped to the floor.

You sang me lies full of deceit,
You filled my head with garbage,
And when you turned away,
I collapsed helplessly in your arms.

When I was enlightened,
My vision drifted from you external beauty.
To the persona so ugly beneath.

It’s that night, that my soul escaped,
And I died a semi-sweetened death.

But I still wonder,
How it can hurt,
When it tastes so good.

Is it under the haze of infatuation,
That everything you hate,
Becomes all that you need?

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