Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doubt Is Inverted Faith

I see you struggling.
It wasn’t easy.
I know your path.
It’s not that hard.
I’ve been there.
It’s hardly in between.
I’ve felt the same.
It’s somewhere about.
One day,
Won’t just be someday.
Soon that day,
I’ll be able to stand up and walk away.
This fight for freedom, has left me conflicted.
It’s a firm grasp for illusion.
These wants.
These needs.
This hand controls.
Against authority, I will rise.
You will find me above.
The pitfalls of society, shed no excuse for discomfort.
My fights lies deep and within.
My struggle not from you,
But from what you’ve put me through.
Trust in this self defence, and attack before beaten.
Destroy them before we destroy ourselves.

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