Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving Forward

Life is a journey, an experience, a struggle, a destiny.
I fear the unknown,
The path barely stridden.
But there’s strength in familiarity,
And an essence in motherhood.

Regrets often reside heavy with guilt,
But the present is what’s most valuable.
And the timely fashion of “now”,
Could not have come about,
If not for the mistakes and scrapes we’ve encountered.
Bumps can only be softened with faith,
Determination, and will.

As I watch you grow,
Into this person I admire,
I know that all the pain and regrets I once had,
Are a thing of the past.

The haze of yesterday forms the boundary base,
Of which to grow,
If not for that,
Then I stand in a different place, overlooking a different time.

Never see me for my shortcomings,
They fail to represent one’s true self,
But always looking past the walls I build.

Like tears that fall,
Like a drops of rain that knows its path,
We have only one way to go.

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