Saturday, May 16, 2009


How can you top the epitome of perfection?
That what is so earnestly strived for?
When you reached the top and had it all,
Where will you take it from there?

But there’s agony and betrayal
Mistrust and abuse
Why these “what ifs” keep circling,
Why this mind needs to keep processing
My head spins, My heart pains

I could never have imagined the worst,
Though I felt it deep within,
My heart sinks, and I can’t breathe

I’m feeling like the question “why”,
And I don’t want to think this “real”.

What is “fair”,
What is “right”,
Who is “hope”,
What is “belief?”

How come this is happening?
We tried so hard,
Traded our heartache for failure

I always missed you,
A moment,
An hour,
A day apart.
Every day that goes by,
I miss you more and more.

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