Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Wake In A Dream, To Taste Heaven In Hell

I cried myself to sleep one night,

And dreamt a dream of you

A wish, a desire, a burning need

To fill the craving to this feeling

The daylight breaks and still I want more

I pray for just a few

My thoughts through out the day,

Strewn between the reality I must carry out,

With the unhappiness I feel,

For the happiness I dreamt about

My mind can not settle

So I wait by the window

For the night to fall upon me

With the stars coming out,

I lie myself down

And wonder if one of those lights,

Is shining for me.

To wake up in a dream

Or to dream while awake

Just to bring the night to day,

Was my only only wish,

And to my very aching soul,

One day,

It's match was finally made,

My whole body a fire

From the brilliant spectacle before me,

Travelling through fantasies

Meeting the paradise ahead, just to be too far out of reach.

I felt I'd had a taste of heaven in hell,

And got burned at the stake for sneaking such a pleasurable delight.

My heart raced, and pounded.

It danced and it soared

And then it ached more than before.

The knowledge of this love,

Hurt more not having it,

Then not knowing it.

And then one day it left,

Like a thief in the dark,

It stole my heart, and took a it of my soul.

I was never to know of this wondrous being

And when days became weeks,

I fooled myself into forgetting

But the direction had already been changed,

My path written by my every move

And just when I had the blindfold pulled tight,

My bright angel came forth to rescue me,

To deliver me from my madness,

To share a bit of my pain,

To lighten my heavy load,

To guide and protect me from harm's way.

This wondrous source of light,

Belongs to my handsome prince, my angel, my warrior.

To this powerful source, I reach out my hand.

My offerings of love,

My heart, my soul,

Entrusted to thou.

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