Saturday, May 16, 2009

With, Regards

To the memories we shared, To the times that have gone and past
Like the kiss that floats with the wind
Our destinations will take us, Through this unravelling process
I wish I could say I’ll hold on for you
But all I can say is that I’ll hold on to you
You came into my life
And brought with it
Everything I could ever imagine
You made me more happier, Than I ever could have dreamt
And taught me that I have the strength
To do anything I will
We had some rocky times
That only opened the water gate of our desires for one another
The question is “who do you trust”: The heart, the soul, or the mind
The answer lies where you seek it
If you only turn the page to find it
My heart and my undying soul, Open their arms to take you in
While my mind must let you go be your own individual guide
The color of passion, the desire my heart feels,
Is when the soul behind your eyes, Reaches out and touches me with sweet kisses
This attraction I feel
Is the ever growing fascination to be smothered in your essence
My wishes may be many
But for this I have just the one: Find what makes you YOU,
And never ever let it go
I love you with everything that I am

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