Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It’s Just A Sign Of The Times Going Forward In Reverse

I can't see it from the other side, because I'm stuck behind the pain I try to hide.

The fear that you're not there, because you never cared.

Blessed it may be, not necessity, for you will get the best of me.

You hold the power to get my mind to ease.

It seems clear, you're not there because you don't care.

Not necessary. Only a burden that I carry, says it'll have to be this way, within the coming days.

I can't dispel, I can only dispose, and that's when my world implodes.

Pack apart, and pin the blame, that's the name of the game, when my heart can't power my brain.

I believe deep down inside, that we will see to better times.

The hope that hangs, from the fact that I would care.

As blessed as it may be, it gets the best of me, sometimes it's not a mutual necessity.

You hold the key, to set my soul free. I hold it dear and wear on my sleeve, this outburst that only shows I care.

This burden I carry, is very necessary. This coalescence that enslaves me, will once again save me.

Where it starts, where it ends, and where we are, who knows.

It's a hard one to explain, how it should be one and the same, while still trying to stay sane.

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