Friday, May 22, 2009

The Battle

I believe that my reason for being,
Is for you to be able to see me,
Becoming the person you need me to be.

Why is it my love, that we are, what we are?
How have we managed to get this far?

Still here now,
Embraced with each other,
Because of a vision of a certain place?
A certain feeling we can taste?

I guess if you can see the future,
It can't be too far,
Sometimes the punch is greater that the fall.

If I can see where we went wrong,
We can make it stop.
Any fighter will be the one to say,
That if you have nothing worth fighting for,
Then you have nothing at all.

I believe that there will always be,
Shots hit and missed,
We just have to believe in, what we're fighting for.

Is it a question of one's beliefs?
Which cause is the one correct?
What defines the true warrior, this ability to draw?

There is no written path,
The cards are all faceless,
And every move is in a different direction.
The battle is endless,
Because the fighters have no finish,
No line, no flag, no mapped out quarters.
The coin is tossed, spinning always.

If that’s the case,
Then we will draw our own face,
And call our own shots,
Our directions, limitless,
So it's up to us to decide.
Too long I've left my life, in the hands of destiny.

Made a conscious choice to stay,
With the one who has my heart.
The reason I have to believe,
Is that my love for you is much.
I have to be the person, you need me to be.
In turn, I need you to be,
The one to help, that person be.

You're warmth and your compassion,
You're ever ready acceptance,
Belief in me,
Brings me the strength and desire,
To see past the clouds, that this storm brings in,
To spot the sun kissed sky, breaking through the darkness now behind it.
If there was any doubt,
The whisper of the wind, as it trails by,
Is all that there is left.

The next step, is to search within yourself,
Deeply find out what you need me to be,
Put it in here, so we won't forget,
And I will let you know, what I need from you,
To help me succeed, in this doing so.

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