Friday, May 22, 2009

Here we Go Again

Here it goes again; the beginning of the end.
This time the end is the beginning of a fight I'll end up winning.
Not bound but determined to make this conversion.
This transgression is all worth it.

Here I am, this is now.
And I hold faith that I've made it here somehow.
Here we go again, with blood on our mouths.

We, the soldiers of our own war, nothing less, nothing more.
As bold as we are to make it this far,
Now i see the warrior is all I have to be.
The balance is what we are.

Here we go again, with blood on our hands.
This war we fight together, is only due to circumstance,
There we go again, to reach a higher ground,
The battle is with those who claim it's harder than it sounds.

Here you are, this is now.
I hold faith in that you've stayed with me somehow.
There we go again, without a shred of doubt.

We the two piece kingdom,
Will not be held for ransom.
We will not become casualties of ourselves,
We've already begun to build heaven from hell.

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