Friday, May 22, 2009


I look back in time when I can look forward no more.
Times like these, when I am left beaten down and sore.
I cannot go on as one, and now I look to you.
I'm here to find the hope I need, to know I'll make it through.

My view's become obstructed by the way I'm lead.
A feeling that I can't contend,
And for shouting, I've now dread.
An emotion that I can't accept,
When we're driven to the deepest depths,
When all of what I am left with,
Is your own lack of affection.

Now all I wonder, is where I went wrong,
And for how long it's been going on,
I stare at the setting sun, where 2 becomes 1.

You are my first and only, you will always be.
Why can't I make them see, it's only you and me.
You are my favourite, I can barely breathe.
Tomorrow I will go away.

You are mine, and I will always be yours.
Never mind the fights, worry about the wars,
We can just look forward, the past is now no more.

These times like now, they leave me beaten down and sore,
Aching for no such more.

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