Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love Lost Love Found

She lay motionless now,
All that she knows how,
If nothing is moved,
Nothing can happen,
She’ll just past the time this way,
If nothing is happening, nothing can go wrong.
She felt nothing,
Wondered where nothing came from,
Where it went when it was gone,
Why it came, why it left.
If nothing stirs, is stirring nothing?
Whatever came of this, she hoped it was nothing.
If you lost it all, did you ever really have anything?
Or was it just more nothing?
When does something become anything?
Who decides?
This nothing seemed to be contagious,
All who were trusted,
Were doing the same,
She has no one now,
Is no one just like nothing?
Where once there was a yes,
Now lurking in the shadows, is no.

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