Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I can't help but be amazed by the very many ways I've looked for an answer and forgot the question.
Never before, my thoughts going on ignored, have I danced around this condescension.
Need I mention my full attention is on this patience that is wearing thin?
When we're at our wits end, in denial of our confusion, that's the time to pull away, to see what lies beneath the new skin.

I know that when you're new to this, it seems tested and unproven, but the truth is you'll get used to it.
What's new since the nuisance, is a noose that's been loosened, a new movement of remove-ment, and knowing how to use it.

I owe this all to everything, because I know that the only way I lose, is if I choose to be useless.
If I advance from this I'll see these chances exist, within the walls of circumstance, no matter what the plan is.

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