Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where I Left Off

You, the being in my dreams, who when without, can seem like hours become years.
I hope that you can see the truth, that I'm frozen in this love for you.
It's not a choice that I can choose, I lost my voice inside of you.

When I first felt this, it never felt more right.
It lit a part of me inside that I never thought would light.
I feel you now, so much more than the times and times before.
My need for you just can't be left ignored, or lost.

I cry when you're gone,
It's not a sadness for the times we've lost.
But a dedication to the moments we've had.
My love for you runs deep through this body like an ocean's waves crashing to it's destine.
When you sang me everything I needed to hear, I thought I fell asleep and dreamed it all.
I pictured that moment over again, and as my heart sank, my soul lifted.
My desire for you soared, and my fear of never tasting your sweet lips became a reality.

I live for you, like I never lived for anything.
That once hole I had, that piece that was missing, you fill a million times over.
I close my eyes and I can see, a whole new me growing inside.
This life I have to give, this life I can teach, this life only you can reach.
I know together we can win this fight, I know if we try, we can make this right.

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