Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Spirit That Surrounds This Love

I loved you from the dawn of time

I shame myself for ignoring your pleas

It's not a selfish gesture to be going my own way

But rather my own weakened judgment

For the times I've done you wrong, I always cared, Just didn't have the strength to give you yours

The warriors fighting the same battle, shouldn't have reason to turn against each other

If I'm not somewhere, I'm really neither here, nor there

The life I live, was created with you

And so shall it forever remain in that curse of time

I feel you, for you, above, beyond, and around you.

I've loved you from the dawn of time, from the moment I knew you,

To the first time we spoke,

The first time we kissed,

To the first time our bodies embraced,

To the first time I cried in your arms,

The first forgiven act,

To the moment I cherish with you now.

I am always there for you

When you can't feel me, you'll be able to see me

And when you can't put your arms around me, you'll feel me next to your heart.

When your vision becomes hazy, and you struggle to find, coming up short,

Don't give up on me; I will always be by your side.

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