Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost Without You

The more and more I fade away the more I feel like I belong.
On and on and forward from day to night and day, with the feeling I have done no wrong.

I would rather live in a hole, to live and die alone.
Than to treat you like the way that I do, and act as if you never knew.
Caught inside forgotten tides, your rights have been denied.

Just let this go, forget it's toll, just get this so I can't say no.
Confide in those who aren't disposed.
I suppose I might have known or even chose what side I'm on.
Who am I to question why if I can't tell you right from wrong.

I will not come forward, to say what I need to say.
My intentions you'd see if you'd sought through subtlety, are not withstanding in many ways.
This adjacent displacement, these fouls I thought were mine, have long been left behind.

The life in me depends soley on these wings we've grown.
Not thinking will blend our souls, making us whole.
I've been through these complexities, they've granted me the will to see, behind all these deficiencies.
If I can't make it through this, with some new found assurance, that the circumstances won't be recurrent, then the answer is worth it.

I have no fear in this dark despair, when so many times I've cried out and looked, and found nothing anywhere.
As I fall once more, into the well of desolate solitude, I know at the bottom of it all, there's you.

In this life I lead, I have sore eyes, so tired I feel I must be blind.
And I'm not worried about any wrong moves, because I know you'll be there to pull me through.

The fact to me, the cold reality, is the actuality in our duality.
Seems to me like a lifelong dream, and if so never wake me up.
For if I am lost, I am without you, without you, I am lost.

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