Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Finally made it past the mountain top.
And there we were, fearless.
Nothing but the view to take our breath away,
To welcome the coming joy of oncoming days and years.

I can see past the storm that lies before me,
And the thunder and the lightening is all I hear inside me head.
What do i do now, and why and how, when I'm broken, abandoned?

It seems that now, only I who who cares,
But no matter what it takes I'll always be right there.
This is a promise I pledge right now,
That I'll find a way to make our big sky bright again.
I will persuade you to see what I now only dream about.

As inevitable as the day that we all die, and as sure as the darkness turns to light, we will be.
I can't stand to see the look that's in your eyes,
I think for now I must leave and say goodbye.

It now appears, that I'm a ghost within your life.
A non-circumferential spouse with no wire.
This is a promise I pledge right now,
That we'll come back to life, make our garden six feet above ground.
I will give way to what you now only dream about.

No longer Am I sane, with my life spinning 'round,
I know that someday though, our time apart, will be running out, and i will no longer have any doubt.

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